KIDS TRIATHLONS - New Calendar for 2015-2016

Years 7-12 only

A great way to keep kids active and have fun! Note Kids under 7 can participate in the Sunsmart Peaceful Bay Triathlon.

If you have not already signed up as a member, please refer to the documents below for season passes or One Day Licences

Kids Season Pass Form.pdf

One Day Licence Form Kids.pdf

Getting Started


Tammy Stone 0419 942 549

Meeghan Wynne 0417 957 535

What basic equipment do you need?

Swim bathers or tri gear (top and shorts) - goggles are optional but recommended

Bike road worthy bike (can be any type of bike), approved safety standard HELMET, joggers

Run Joggers, also note the torso for both girls and boys must be covered when competing (crop top, singlet or shirt)

Don't forget your towel, water bottle, hat and sunnies (slip, slop, slap).

Basic Rules


When making the transition from swim to bike, you must put on your helmet BEFORE you unrack your bike, and when you come back into transition just before the run you must rack your bike BEFORE taking off your helmet. Make sure if you have a hold of your bike, your Helmet is on your head. Shoes must be worn on the bike and run legs.

After the swim, once you have your helmet on, you must walk/run you bike out of transition to the designated area where you can then mount your bike and proceed with the cycle leg. Once you are nearing completion of your cycle leg, you will come back to the designated area again where you will need to dismount your bike and then proceed to walk/run into transition with you bike. You are not allowed to ride your bikes in the transition area.

If you are not sure of where exactly the event is being held, please contact a committee member who will be more than happy to help you.

Once you register on the day, you will be given a number. This number will be written on you with a black marker. It will go on one arm and the opposite leg.

And finally...

At this age it is all about participating, having fun and meeting new friends.