Have you ever wanted to participate in a triathlon or want to know what all the fuss is about?
Why are Triathlons the fastest growing participation sport in the world?

Come along and find out!

We have 2 events specific for people to have a go but you are more than welcome to come to any of our events throughout the season.

Tri a Tri
Womens only tri

Getting Started

What basic equipment do you need?

Swim bathers or tri gear (top and shorts) and goggles

Bike road worthy bike (can be any type of bike such as mountain bike, or road bike), approved safety standard HELMET

Run Joggers, also note the torso for both men and women must be covered when competing (crop top, singlet or shirt)

Don't forget your towel, water bottle, hat and sunnies.

Basic Rules


When making the transition from swim to bike, you must put on your helmet BEFORE you unrack your bike, and when you come back into transition just before the run you must rack your bike BEFORE taking off your helmet. Make sure if you have a hold of your bike, your Helmet is on your head. Failing to do this in major events will result in disqualification.

After the swim, once you have your helmet on, you must walk/run you bike out of transition to the designated area where you can then mount your bike and proceed with the cycle leg. Once you are nearing completion of your cycle leg, you will come back to the designated area again where you will need to dismount your bike and then proceed to walk/run into transition with you bike. You are not allowed to ride your bikes in the transition area.


The bike leg is the only part of the race where you are NOT allowed to DRAFT. You must be 7 metres from the person in front of you unless you intend to pass. If you get passed by someone else, you must drop back seven metres. The onus is on the person behind to keep the required distance.

Other useful information

Get to the event 30 minutes before start time to allow yourself time to prepare and register. If you have not already signed up as a TriWA member, there is a Day Licence entry fee of $15 and this covers your insurance for the event. You can only have 3 day licences within any one season. Thereafter you must become a member if you wish to participate.

If you are not sure of where exactly the event is being held, please contact a committee member who will be more than happy to help you.

Most of our events are done on a circuit, so if the distances look to long for you, there is generally a shorter option available on the day.

Once you register on the day, you will be given a number. This number will be written on you with a black marker. It will go on one arm and the opposite leg. It does not matter which as long as it is opposite (with the exception of the Laminex Group Classic). If you are wearing long clothing (pants and/or long sleeve shirt) you will need to call out your number as you go past the timers so they can record you.


Swim: Swim training is done either at the ALAC Pool (all year round), and Middleton Beach and/or Emu Point (Jan-Apr). The pool is a great way to start and focus on your technique. Emu Point has lap lanes in between the jetty and Middleton Beach has a 500m circuit around the bouys and pontoon.

Bike: If you are just starting out and have a road bike, don't be too discouraged if you feel you are not fast enough. There are generally parts of the circuit that the group will sprint ahead and then at certain points will slow up and wait for the pack to regroup. Most of the time the people who have done the sprint, welcome the chance to slow down and catch their breath, so there is no need to feel like you are holding up the pack. We all had to start somewhere and it is amazing how quickly you find yourself staying with the pack.

Run: Most people train by themselves, however there are some training/group run sessions on at the moment for all levels.

Please check our training section for days and times.

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